First Baptist Church of Dowling Park
2017 Ministry Team Leaders
Pastoral Ministry
            Lead Pastor                                                                 Dr. Shawn Johnson
            Youth and Children Pastor                                         Rev. Roger Sumner
            Senior Adult Pastor                                                    Rev. Morgan Campbell
Deacon Family Ministry Leaders
            Deacon Chairman                                                       TBD
            Deacon                                                                        Evan Spangler
            Deacon                                                                        Jearold Shelby
            Deacon                                                                        Earl Clement
            Deacon                                                                        Charles Ulrey
            Deacon                                                                        Jamie Hopkins
            Deacon                                                                        Ray Campbell
            Yokefellows (Deacon Trainees)                                  Coy Howell
                                                                                                Ben Bauldree
                                                                                                Isaac Goyette
                                                                                                Paul Guilmette
                                                                                                Harmon Warner
            SNF/ALF Family Ministry                                         Norma & Jim Leonard
            SNF/ALF Family Ministry                                         Miriam Abbott
            SNF/ALF Family Ministry                                         Jane Burns
            SNF/ALF Family Ministry                                         Pat Mosley
            Youth Family Ministry                                               Rev. Roger Sumner
            Family Ministry                                                          Rev. Morgan and Peggy Campbell
Worship Ministry
            Music Director                                                            Michelle Thompson
            Assistant Music Director                                            Carol Edmonds
            Kids Choir Director                                                    Isaac Goyette
Media Operations Coordinators                                         Paul and Robin Guilmette
                                                                                                Coy and Ellie Howell
                                                                                                Kevin Thompson
                                                                                                Misty Clement
                                                                                                Hunter Noble
                                                                                                Daniel Edmonds
Education Ministry (Life Group Ministry
            Life Group Ministry Director                                     Geno Touchton
            Nursery Coordinator                                                   Jackie Campbell
            Children’s Church Coordinators                                Geno Touchton/Jeri Giddens
Wed. Night Coordinators                                           Miriam Abbott/Jane Burns
            Pre-School Life Group Leaders                                  Peggy Campbell
Children’s Life Group Leader (1-3)                           Sheena Reddy
Children’s Life Group Leader (4-5)                           Alana Sapp
Middle School Life Group Leader                             Geno Touchton
High School Life Group Leader                                 Rev. Roger Sumner
College and Career Life Group Leader                      TBD
Older Adult Life Group Leader                                  Jearold Shelby
Senior Adult Life Group Leader                                Miriam Abbott
Millennials Class                                                        Dr. Shawn Johnson
New Believers Class Instructor                                  Rev. Stan Hall
Library Ministry Coordinator                                     Tina Thompson
Outreach Ministry
            Kitchen Activity Coordinator                                     Carol Thompson
            Wednesday Family Dinner Coordinator                    Donna Thornton/Rhonda Lepper
            Women’s Ministry Coordinator                                 Ellie Howell
            Men’s Ministry Coordinator                                       Coy Howell/Evan Spangler
            Card Ministry Coordinator                                         Norma Leonard/Carmetta Clement
            Prayer Coordinator                                                     Marie Essert
            Public Relations Coordinator                                     Earl Clement
            OCC Coordinator                                                       Michelle Thompson
            Food Box Ministry Coordinator                                 Louise Johnson/Carmetta Clement/Pauline
Pregnancy Care Center Ambassador                          Carmetta Clement
            Florida Baptist Children’s Home Rep.                       Peggy Campbell
Church Operations Ministry
            Janitorial/Grounds Coordinator                                  Jimmy Leonard/Mike Portbury/Hunter Noble
            Maintenance/Safety Coordinator                                Lou Morse
            Church Security Director                                            Coy Howell
            Church Clerk/Secretary                                               Pauline Guilmette
            Transportation Coordinator                                        Lou Morse/Dwight Edmonds/Kevin Thompson
Church Stewardship Ministry                                
Finance Committee Chairman                                                Earl Clement
Financial Secretary                                                                 Pauline Guilmette
Member                                                                                   Carmetta Clement
Member                                                                                   Evan Spangler
Member                                                                                 Coy Howell