Life Group Ministry

Bible Studies for Life General Overview

 Today's adults face myriad issues and problems. Some stem from personal needs, while others exemplify the fast-paced and demanding culture in which we live. Problem solvers of our day would have us think that we can find solutions in ourselves, in success, natural remedies, or non-biblical spiritual channels. But all miss the mark.

Here at FBC Dowling Park, we utilize the Bible Studies for Life curriculum because it addresses the needs and concerns of today's adults with solid biblical teaching from God's Word, which equips adults to live with God-given purpose in today's world.

Bible Studies for Life Philosophy

Life-stage focused to address life and learning needs of adults at various stages. Young adults prefer discovery through discussion, parents required brevity because of busy schedules, boomers value organization, and retired adults prefer tradition.

Biblical and life integration, with on learning biblical principles first, then using those to shape responses to life. This creates a biblical worldview.
Your Child's Safety is #1
We love children and youth at Dowling Park! Every child is a blessing and a special gift from God. Our classes are designed to encourage and teach children and youth to grow in the Lord and realize how much He loves them! Children's Ministries is available for birth through fifth grade during our morning worship service. Youth Church is available on Sunday and Wednesday evenings.
All individuals volunteering in our Youth and Childrens ministry are cleared with a background check provided by 3D Church Check in order to help ensure your child's safety.

Click on the link to read the Southern Baptist Convention's Resolution on protecting children from abuse.
Class Distribution:

Nursery                                          Birth to 2
Pre-K Bible Studies                     Ages 2-4
Broad Age Bible Studies            Grades K-5
Life Focus                                      Grades 6-12
Life Truths                                     Adults with Children
Life Values                                     Adults (Empty Nest)
Life Ventures                                 Retired Adults